Shipping & Faqs


***** Free Express shipping for orders of 1000 or more as well as a 5 star rating for more than 2 orders *****

Are _____ pressed or are they from the manufacturer?  These are 100% from the manufacturer always.

* You don’t have the meds i am looking for ? If you have special requests to what products you’d like to see on here or can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM

* I’m a little low on funds can I send you below the advertised prices you have?
My prices are set at the absolute rock bottom minimum that still allows me to stay in business and I don’t plan on raising them any higher unless people keep asking me if they can short me 10$. If you’re 50cents short don’t worry about it if it’s more than a few bucks just wait for BTC price to fluctuate as it has been for quite a while now up.

* Do you offer free samples ? No we don’t offer free samples.

* Do you offer signature required deliveries? Yes. Please include that as a note when you input your address.

* HELP I placed an order a super long time ago and haven’t received it?! Pause take a deep breath friend. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure you are a satisfied customer and get what you deserve. I am not in the business of ripping people off and that is not what I enjoy doing. Send me what you ordered when you ordered and your address. Give me some time for a response and I will either respond with tracking for you to check or will have a different resolution.

* Are you ignoring my messages ?
We don’t ignore anyone. Note that we receive so many messages on a daily basis, so can’t reply to every question and still keep up with the orders. We do our best to reply every message in time but if your message hasn’t been replied the CALM DOWN!!! We will get back to you. If its URGENT do well to title it as URGENT. Please make sure all relevant information is included in your message.

* Can I place order for more than one product? Please feel to place orders for more than one product and at the same time we will ship in one package.

* Do you ship to my country ? We do ship INTERNATIONALLY.

* How long does shipping take ? It takes an average of 2 to 7 business days for all packages to be delivered. Please be aware of slightly longer shipping times over the holiday periods , weather or if your country is affected by COVID.

* Do you ship during this COVID period ? Yes we do ship during this period. Please be aware orders may be delayed AND OUT OF OUR CONTROL this is why we ask our customers to wait a minimum of 5 days before contacting us in regards to orders shipped to COVID affected countries.

* How long do you take to process orders before shipping ? All orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day after confirmation of payment. We work on the weekends any orders placed on the weekends will be sent out first thing Monday morning.

* How safe is your packaging ? We have done extensive research on the best packaging methods we have found the perfect methods which assure a very high success rate. If you want additional convincing decoy+visual barrier, select PRIORITY SUPERSTEALTH , it costs more because it takes longer to pack, and time is money friend. 

* Do you offer tracking number for orders ? We will offer tracking for your shipments. Tracking number is issued only after your order has been marked completed. Click here to check the status of your order. Our general advice on this is that you should not check it unless it is really necessary. When you check the tracking information you will leave traces for the postal service. If your package does not arrive, please contact us in the first place.
If your have to check the tracking information due to some circumstances, use a public WiFi or VPN that is not tied to your identity to check for the tracking information.

* Should I use my real name & address ? We do not accept fake names / abbreviated names / addresses, abandoned houses, hotels. Please do not ship to your parents house either. We do accept shipping to PO boxes if you are unable to receive at your own or someone trusted’s address. We have experience with selling and will treat your data with highest sensitivity. Your shipping information like your name will be only used for shipping the packages. Afterwards it will not be stored anywhere.

* There was a mistake with my order. If there is ever a mistake with your order, or you have questions about how to properly use the product responsibly, please CONTACT US BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK. Leaving negative feedback without trying to contact us will lead to being blacklisted! Instead, please send a picture of all contents found inside the package without throwing anything away. Do not include the exterior of the package in your photo, and make sure all metadata is scrubbed before uploading !

* Do you offer overnight Or Express delivery ? We do not offer overnight or express delivery for worldwide shipping. We offer Express delivery ONLY with U.S.A & CANADA. It has been proven in many leaked postal inspector’s guides that Express is much more closely watched and profiled. Any vendor that offers Express does not care about your safety!